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Everlasting Love - 2 CD Set

Ralph Eskridge: Everlasting Love - Songs of Rose Augustine


Find hope, strength, love and closeness to God as you listen to these deeply emotional songs written through a difficult time of loss and grief.

I Shall Rest in the Arms of My God and All Will Be as He Has Planned were sung at my husbands' funeral so they are extra special to me and many other people. The song that is closest to my heart - Jesus is Coming for Me was written in the last days of my husbands' life when he could no longer communicate. I wrote it from the perspective of what I thought he would feel at this time and I shared it with him the night before he died.

Much Too Soon was written after my husbands' death. When someone you love dies, you start to think about the time you have left on this earth and the things most important for you to say and do the rest of your lifetime. Also, to ask God to help you accomplish them.

One of the most hopeful songs, Someday I'll Rise, was inspired by Christ's death, resurrection and his promise of everlasting life. These songs are on Disc Two. The songs on Disc One are about how Christ will always be there through all the days of our lifetime to help us be strong through all the trials of life. All He asks is that we come to Him and ask Him to help us through it all. Give praise and thanks for all the graces and gifts He provides every day. God bless all who listen to these songs.

Musically Yours in Christ,

Musical Reverie - 2 CD Set

Rose Augustine: Musical Reverie (feat. Mark Shepperd)


A beautiful, uplifting Collection of easy listening Instrumental masterpieces featuring piano created to bring peace and relieve stress.

This album is a collection of 24 of the most beautiful instrumental arrangements from my catalog of over 250 songs.  The vocals of these songs have either been recorded or are in the recording process.  I thought that people who love my music and have asked for more would really love to hear these very special instrumental arrangements played so beautifully by Mark Shepperd, my wonderful arranger and recording engineer.  I thank God every day for sending him into my life to help make beautiful music for the Glory of God! 

I'd like to tell you a little of the story about how and why some of these songs came to be.

Disc One: Track #4  "I See You Through the Eyes of Love
This song was written from the perspective of how my husband, who has been blind for the past seven years, still sees me.  Some of the lyrics are: "I can see your smile, see your loving face, gaze into your eyes and when you're near me I can see your.  When I hold you in a warm embrace, I see you through the eyes of love."

Disc One: Track #2  "Mystery"
This song was written from my idea of God's promise to always be with us.  Some of the lyrics are: "You cannot see me, you cannot touch me, still I am always there with you.  A true mystery of faith in God's constant presence in our lives."

Disc Two: Track #4 “In the Sweet Stillness”
This song came to me in the middle of the night when my husband was out of town and I was all alone, feeling afraid and lonely.  I was praying to God to help me overcome my fear and loneliness.  I actually seemed to feel Him wrap me in His loving arms and I remember his words “Be not afraid, I am with you always” and I felt a special sense of peace.  The refrain of this song is “In the sweet, sweet stillness of the nighttime my precious Lord comes to me in prayer.  He gently wraps His loving arms around me, I can feel His tender care”

Disc One: Track #7 “Come Sweet Jesus (Your Children are Crying)
I was just thinking about all the terrible things that are happening in God’s world today, like the suicides of so many young people, the terrible scourge of abortion, so many of God’s babies dying every day and all the hurting and abandoned people all over the world.  I thought of all the people praying for Jesus to be merciful to us and to heal our land.  That is how this song came to be.  The bridge of this song is: “Your children are crying, your babies are dying Lord, this can’t be how you meant it to be.  Your children are crying, your babies are dying, Lord please hear your childrens’ plea!”

Disc Two: Track #12 "Memories"
This was written shortly before Christmas of 2001 when I was thinking about all the relatives and family who would be celebrating Christmas with me this year and remembering all of the special Christmas celebrations of the past years when my mom and dad and all my brothers and sisters were still alive.  It made me sad but it also made me so grateful that I could always remember those precious times with my dear loved ones for the rest of my life.  What a precious gift from God our memory is!  The bridge of this song is: " Precious moments last forever stored away inside our minds.  Precious loved ones are there forever in the memories of a lifetime."

Disc Two: Track #6 "When the Cold Dark Winter Comes"
When I wrote this song, I wasn't thinking about the cold, dark winter as just a season of the year.  I was thinking of all the winter times and the storms we face in our lives, asking for the Lord's help and the warmth of His presence in these times.  Some of the lyrics of this songs are: "Warm me with your love, though the cold winds blow.  Give me shelter from the storm, let me feel the warmth of Springtime in the midst of winter's snow."

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