Rose Augustine who lives in Hastings, MN bordering the beautiful countryside of Afton describes her music as Inspirational, uplifting and comforting with a strong Christian message. Always a lover of music, Rose enjoyed singing, whether it was in church choir or just around the house. She also liked to write poetry. But it wasn't until she was recovering from a terrible car accident in 1981 that the songs began to come to her. "I was going through a bad time and was in a lot of pain" remembers Rose. "I started getting songs in my head, mostly during the night. I would wake from a deep sleep in the morning, get up and go to my little keyboard and pluck out the tune." Rose began taking piano lessons from Noreen Swanson who then encouraged her to record the songs on tape, offering to do the notations. Noreen worked with Rose until she became too busy to continue. While looking for another arranger, Rose attended a Bible Study at Woodbury Lutheran Church. She was then encouraged to meet with the Church's Music Minister, Mark Shepperd. "We got along beautifully and he really helped me a lot with music notation and song arrangement. Eventually we recorded two CD's." To date, Rose has written over 400 songs to date!


Rose has been privileged to feature many different artists on her music such as Producer/Singer Gwen Matthews, Robert Robinson, director of the Twin Cities Community Gospel Singers and former vocalist with Lorie Line, and Billy Steele, the music director of Grammy-winning, "Sound of Blackness." In September of 2001, Rose had her first showcase at Woodbury Lutheran Church which introduced her first CD "Come Unto Me." After completing her first professionally recorded CD, a CD release party was held in April of 2007 at Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Prior Lake. The tracks from this CD were Produced by Gwen Matthews and Engineered by Matt Fink at Star Vu Studios in Savage, MN; Produced and Engineered by Scott Nelson at Spring Valley Studios in Minnetonka, MN; Produced by Gwen Matthews and Engineered by Chad Dutton at JDE Studios in Minneapolis, MN in 2006.


Rose continues to work with Mark Shepperd in her home studio creating, arranging and recording songs. In addition to "Come Unto Me" she has completed other CD projects titled "The Bread of Life", "Follow Me", "Songs of Life and Love" and a Christmas Collection titled, "Miracle of Miracles" "Everlasting Love", "Song Prayers" and SO many more!


Rose Augustine's music can be found online at CDBaby.com and iTunes. She is also an artist with Radio Airplay as Rose Augustine and Amee Rose featuring some of Rose's secular most popular love songs.  To date she has over 300,000 listeners!! As of 2019, Rose is thrilled to announce the opportunity to have 15 of her songs entered into an exclusive deal with Charlie Mac (Mac A Million Dollar Man) Publishing based in Las Vegas, NV.  Stay tuned for updated news regarding all of the latest happenings with Rose Augustine's music! 


"I am a very strong Christian woman who believes that I have been given the gift of songwriting to show people that just an ordinary person (a wife, mother and grandmother) in the later years of life can deeply touch people's hearts with the message of Christian love. With the help of God, I want to spread His message of love and salvation through song for the remainder of my life here on earth" - Rose Augustine